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Welcome to the new EUVS website

Welcome to the new EUVS website. I cannot tell you what it means to write those words. We knew what we were getting into when we sat down in early 2008 and mapped out the rough concept of the site with Cesar Giron. As authors we’re used to taking the long road to the larger goal and feeling for ages like each day’s work is insignificant. Photographing 150 cocktails in a week? Nick Strangeway turned our kitchen into a swimming pool of spirits and fresh squeezed citrus juices. But what did that add up to? It was just a reasonable start.</br>

<br>Yes, there are thousands of bottle photos being uploaded and shown on this site. You can zoom in on the labels. Over 150 of them are available in 360° rotation. Here is a fully searchable digital library of a more than a dozen classic cocktail books. Here are tips on bartending equipment and techniques. Here is a sample of the museum’s extensive menu collection. Here is glassware made in Ile de Bendor’s artisanal glassworks as well as other pieces collected from around the world.</br>

<br>However, what you see before you is just a reasonable start. It is a framework that is already growing. Hours of film are being edited in Paris and London. More bottles are being photographed. Researchers, both cocktailians and oenophiles, are filling in the blanks of the histories and flavor profiles of thousands of bottles. There is much, much more to come.</br>

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