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Cocktail Geeks’ Thirst is Quenched at the EUVS Demo Bar @ Bar09

At the conclusion of the 2009 London Bar Show (aka: BAR.09), which took place on Tuesday June 23 and Wednesday June 24, we can report that the EUVS Demo Bar, hosted by Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown, directors of Exposition Universelle Des Vins et Spiritueux (, was an absolute success.

Entitled ‘The Path of the Bartender’ [...]

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EUVS Demo Bar @ Bar 09: Audrey & Sasha

At London’s Bar09, the EUVS Demo Bar hosted an assembly of international heavy hitters in the bartending industry with the theme “The Path of the Bartender.” What makes a person decide to enter the bartending profession? What are the differences amongst working in a hotel bar, restaurant, or private club? What’s it like to own [...]

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EUVS reopens in its original building

Facade of EUVS at night

On 9 July 2009, which was the 100th anniversary of founder Paul Ricard’s birth, EUVS was reopened in its original building with a new exhibit of its vast spirits, wines, glassware and menu collections.
Thanks to our 2009 installation team—which included Eric Fossard, Myles Davies, Dan Priseman, Charles Vexenat, Missy Flynn, and Jasmine Carl—Exposition Universelle des [...]

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Welcome to the new EUVS website

Welcome to the new EUVS website. I cannot tell you what it means to write those words. We knew what we were getting into when we sat down in early 2008 and mapped out the rough concept of the site with Cesar Giron. As authors we’re used to taking the long road to the larger [...]

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Happy Anniversary Boadas!


Our heartfelt congratulations to Las Boadas, on its 75th anniversary this month. Boadas is truly one of the world’s great bars, and the only one to keep the old mixing tradition of “throwing” or “rolling” alive.

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Oldest known shaker ?


I thought about opening this blog with some explanation of its purpose. I wrote a lengthy welcome. But I got bored and deleted it in favor of this item I saw at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum’s exhibit titled The Art of Drinking last year.

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Nobody’s perfect…


Classic cocktails are classic because they were good enough to stand the test of time. They pleased the palates of the masses. They caught the popular imagination. They provide us with a ready-made drinks list. There are hundreds, if not thousands of mixed drinks found and lost and found again throughout the decades, centuries, even millennia (anyone whipped up a batch of hypocras lately? Great stuff).

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Knickerbocker Hotel Update

Hotel Knickerbocker

We could never verify that anyone named Martini di Arma di Taggia worked at the Knickerbocker, much less made a martini there for John D. Rockefeller and placed an olive in it to counter the harshness of American gin (though that’s the legend of the martini getting an olive, and formerly one of those birth of the martini stories that cropped up decades after the drink was born).

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Origin of the word cocktail


There are innumerable stories of the origin of the word cocktail. There’s the Mexican Princess who made a cocktail for visitor to her father’s court. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a princess in the history of Mexico with a name remotely like Cocktail. Mexico did however have a long history of rum production when it was under Spanish rule. But that’s a separate historical footnote.

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