Louis Fouquet

Bariana: Recueil Pratique de toutes Boissons Americaines et Anglaises

Originally published in 1896, Bariana: Recueil de toutes boissons américains et anglaises-written by Louis Fouquet, head barman at The Criterion in Paris-is regarded as the first French cocktail book. Although the title implies there are many American and British mixed drinks in this volume, there are also creations that are truly unique to France within these pages.

The barware that was also illustrated in this volume demonstrates the level of sophistication that Parisien bartenders were able to achieve in the thirty years after mixed drinks made their appearance in French drinking culture around 1862, when the wine industry was stuck a near-fatal blow with the introduction of phylloxera.

This copy is the 1902 edition.

“ (Paris: The Criterion, 1902) Printed by Emile Duvoye, Paris ”
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