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About Arak

Arak or araq is a clear, colourless, unsweetened anise-based distillate that is popular in the Near East (especially in the Levant) and North Africa.

This spirit is not to be confused with arrack, which is popular in Southeast Asia and is produced from coconut, sugar cane, and other sweet bases, even though the Balinese arrack is spelt "arak". Sometimes this spirit is also confused with "aragh" which is the Armenian terms for "vodka".

Arak is closely related to raki and ouzo.

The juice of grapes is fermented for three weeks before it is distilled in an alembic. The spirit is then macerated with aniseseeds and is rectified. The spirit then goes through a third rectification at a very low temperature to achieve its final character.

Like raki, ouzo, and pastis, arak is mixed with water and then ice is added, "louching" the drink, which makes the clear liquid turn milk-white and opaque. In some regions, arak is mixed with tea or juices instead of water. As an aperitif, arak is served with mezza such as olives, bread and hummus, or nuts.

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