Amargo Panacea, Tonico Especial

The origin of the Ron Bermúdez distillery dates back to 1852, when Don Erasmo Bermúdez created the formula for Amargo Panacea. This particular style of molasses-based rum was intended to be served as an apéritif. The 40 ABV Amargo Panacea was an overwhelming success and established the producer as a leader in the Dominican rum category.

This inaugural product is no longer produced. But to commemorate its creation, the company issued Bermudez 1852 Anniversario 144 in the 1990s, using a similar spicy sweet character profile.

This bottle appeared in the September 1960 EUVS Catalogue and was therefore acquired by the museum between 1958 and 1960.

If you have any further information on this particular product, please email Anistatia Miller at anistatia.miller@euvs.org.

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