Cherry Rocher

  • Category Liqueur
  • Country of Origin n.c
  • Manufacturer n.c

This is best known product made by the Rocher company. Cherry brandy is made with dark ripe cherries, which are macerated in pure neutral spirit and then infused with cinnamon and cloves before being blended with brandy spirit. Unlike kirsch, cherry brandy is frequently sweetened before being bottled.

Barthélémy Rocher, born in 1677, worked for his uncle who was in charge of the La Côte St André Hospice. As an accomplished botanist, Rocher had a passion for making herbal elixirs. Then he became interested in liqueurs and founded the House of Rocher in La Côte Saint-André. In 1705, Rocher's liqueurs received their first distinction when the Dauphin of France visited Grenoble. Since that time more than eight generations of Rochers have continued this legacy. As Brillat-Savarin commented: "the best French liqueurs are made in La Côte Saint-André".

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