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  • Country of Origin n.c
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Rhum Barbancourt is a well-known distillery based in Haiti. The family business originated in the 1860s, with the product being made from sugar cane juice. Dupré Barbancourt, a Frenchman hailing from the cognac-producing region of Charente emigrated to Haiti where he founded his future company in 1862. After discovering the procedure in making the rum in December of that year, he immediately began selling rum for G1.50 (US$0.30) per gallon the next day. In 1952, the now successful company ramped up production, transforming itself from what once was a cottage industry into a major world producer. Barbancourt is made from sugar cane juice rather than molasses.

For a number of years the distillery marketed flavoured rums which they called "brandies", implying that the fruit or spice was macerated with rum and filtered before bottling.

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