White Horse Cellar Scotch Whisky

The Scotch Whisky White Horse got its name from an Inn in Edinburgh and dates back to 1742. The "White Horse Inn" was named after a white horse, on which Queen Mary passed by the Inn. The history of the White Horse Distillery started on the Islay Island around 1742. Those days, it was distilled in ten small buildings, so-called "Bothies" in secret and far situated places to avoid tax officers. The Island and its difficult access was a perfect place for these secret activities. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Graham-Family took over the small distillery and around 1850, John Cogan Mackie became partner of Captain Graham. Their distillery, which was known as "Lagavulin" (Gaelic meaning of "hole in the mill"), was renovated, expanded and improved essentially. When John Mackie retired from the business in 1890, his nephew Peter Mackie took over the management of the company. He was educated as a distiller in Lagavulin, and the company became successful under his management. He was the one, who had the idea of White Horse. Peter Mackie built up a wide-spreading export business and was also involved in the grant of a law, which prescribes a three-years storage time for whisky. In 1924, Peter Mackie died, two years before the great success of White Horse: the introduction of the screw-top. Consequence of the new sensation was the duplication of White Horse sales in England within six months. In 1927, White Horse joined DCL, becoming one of the big five of the company. Today, White Horse produces besides its own whisky, the 12 Year Old Logan de Luxe, the Single Malt Lagavulin and the Pure Highland Malt Glen Elgin. Exported to Germany are: the standard product White Horse Fine Old Scotch Whisky (40 %), 12 Year Old Logan de Luxe Scotch Whisky (40 %) and Glen Elgim Pure Highland Malt Scotch Whisky 12 Years (43 %).

This bottle appeared in the September 1960 EUVS Catalogue and was therefore acquired by the museum between 1958 and 1960.

If you have any further information on this particular product, please email Anistatia Miller at anistatia.miller@euvs.org.

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