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Eau-de-Vie de Vin


Eau-de-Vie de Vin "Old Brandy"

About Brandy

Derived from the Dutch word "brandewijn" [burnt wine], brandy is a distillate made from wine, pomace, or fruit. There are numerous terms used to described brandies distilled from wine or pomace that vary from region to region: armagnac, cognac, brandy de Jerez, pisco, and lourinha are just a few. Many are aged in casks to achieve an amber to dark hue

Fruit brandies follow a similar regional pattern. American applejack and French calvados are made from apples. French eaux-de-vie as well as German and Austrian schnaps are made from a wide variety of stone fruits.

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EUVS reminds you that alcohol might be hazardous to your health. Please drink responsibly.