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About Vin de liqueur

Similar to vin doux naturels, vin de liqueur is a sweet, fortified wine that is unique to France. However, the term "vin de liqueur" is also used by the EU to refer to all fortified wines including vermouth and vin doux naturel.

There is a difference between vin doux naturels and vine de liqueur: the latter is fortified just prior to fermentation and is sweeter, with more character achieved from the added brandy. Fortification takes vin de liqueur to an alcohol level of 16%–22%.

Vins de liqueur are available in many regional styles. Grapes from the Champagne region are used for making ratafia. The Rhône region makes a rinquinquin. The Languedoc region produces cartagène. The Jura wine region produces Macvin du Jura, which uses marc as the fortifier. In Cognac, Pineau des Charentes uses cognac and in Goascony, Floc de Gascogne is made with armagnac.

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