About Grappa

Grappa is an Italian spirit originally made as a way of using the stalks and skins (known as pomace) which are the by product of wine making. It was originally a very rustic spirit that has become popular. There have been advances in more ornate packaging and with artisanal bottlings being made available, with some grappas now being made ‘prima uva' meaning they are made with the whole grape rather than just the stalks. Grappas are usually varietal, meaning they are made from a particular grape. This means they can be identified by the expert as being a specific variety by flavour. Grappa is now often drunk in the world's finest bars and restaurants as a digestif and has achieved a sort of cult status among aficionados. It is often drunk with an espresso after a heavy meal. It is thought that grappa originated in Bassano del Grappa, from where is said to have taken its name. There is another theory that the etymology of grappa stems from the Latin name for pomace spirit which is traceable throughout northern Italy. Grappas are distilled and then bottled to between 37.5% and 60% vol. It is usually bottled unaged, however there are a small number of grappas available that have been rested in wood, and therefore carry some of the flavour and colour of the barrel.

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