About Salta

Salta is the vineyard in the farthest northern part of the country. In this region is one of the highest vineyards in the world - at 3015 metres in altitude - in the hilly province of Calchaquiès, in Rio Blanco.

In Cafayate, a rather aromatic white wine is produced at a medium altitude of 2000 metres. It comes from the grape variety torrontés. Probably native to Spain, this white grape variety now only exists in Argentina through three varieties: riojano, sanjuanino and mendocino. It was introduced by the Jesuits in 18th century, characterized by its intense aroma and its notes of tropical fruits and white flowers.

In Cafayate, other wines are also made from chardonnay, malbec and Cabernet-sauvignon.

In northwestern Salta, there is the small vineyard of Jujuy.

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