About China

In 2005, China was in the Global Top 10 of wine-consuming countries (1 litre per person annually as oppoed to 55 litres per person annually in France).

Chinese consumers are drinking more and more foreign wines (importation is up 35% per year) but the country uses in 95 % the wine of its own vineyard.

This area of more than 360.000 hectares places China as sixth in the ranking of world wine producers.

Little was known about the scale of wine production in China until recently when it was discovered that it was substantial during the Han Dynasty (206-220 AD). In 1995, scientific researchers authenticated Chinese wine dating some 4600 years.

The vineyard splits into two regions which produce 90 percent red wine and 10 percent white. In the future, considering the climatic diversity, it is a strong to bet that first-rate lands will be discovered and exploited.

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