About Andalousia

It is the country of the Sherry that bears the name of the city of Jerez de la Frontera. The quality of the cretaceous white bright calcareous soil (Albariza) there is decisive to the extremely original quality of this wine.

The white wine made from the palomino grape variety is figured up in fact of a growing proportion of brandy of wine. The lowest deal Sherry Fino or Manzanilla (the oldest, called pasada, coming from Sanlúcar of Barrameda, are searched for their salt taste).

During long and complex animal husbandry in fûts by the technique of solera, a rind of leaven forms in the surface of the wine, it is the flor which protects the wine of oxidation. But if the flor breaks, the wine oxidizes faster. It gives a wine called Sherry Amontillado. Sherry most oxidized are called Oloroso.

Other appellations: Malaga grape, Contado de Huelva, Montilla-Morilles (and the existent sweet wine of the grape variety Pedro Ximénez or PX).

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