About Jura

Jura is key to the heritage of worldwide wines. The grape varieties and styles of Jura wines are portrayed nowhere else in the world, starting with the yellow wine from the unique savagnin grape variety.

This is acquired by methods that oppose the rules of oenology, letting it oxidize slowly for 6 years in oak casks. Elsewhere this wine would be transformed into vinegar.

The colour takes a scintillating gold shade from this. Very dry with a long prodigious finish, this white wine is one of the most renowned in the world by the complexity of its aromas of walnut, curry powder and morel. The wine reaches its qualitative summit in the terroir of AOC Château Chalon but the vineyards of L'Etoile and Arbois also produce very good wines.

The other speciality of the Jura mountains, the vin de paille, is a very sweet liqueur-like wine. It is made by drying the bunches of grapes over several months on vine arbours made of wood or straw to concentrate their sugar content. The wine ferments then traditionally in oak casks and takes little by little aromas of a rare sweetness.

AOC Arbois, Arbois-Pupillin and Côtes du Jura produce chardonnay and savagnin white wines, in either blends or single varities. This AOC also makes reds and rosés from pinot noir but also of typical Jura grape varieties poulsard and trousseau which have very original fruity tastes, in a fine and little afforested style.

The last originality, Macvin, is a vin de liqueur acquired from different red grape varieties and whites of Jura.

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