About Languedoc

The grapevines in this region were planted 2500 years ago by the Phoenicians [Greeks of Asia Minor] in an area not far from Narbonne. The notability of the vineyard is, however, very recent.

In the course of last two centuries, Languedoc and Roussillon contented themselves with producing wines without any regard to taste. The level has significantly improved over the past twenty years, but a broad expanse of generic production (the vastest in the world) classified in Vin de Pays d'Oc regroups both the worst and the best.

Twenty-six AOC produce wines with often strong personalities. Reds come from grape varieties including carignan, cinsault, grenache, lladoner pelut, mourvèdre and syrah. The whites come from grenache, macabeu, malmsey, muscatel, marsanne, and roussanne.

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