About Lebanon

Lebanon has grapevines from time immemorial. It is even probable that this region of the world was him some of the very first to make some wine.

The culture of the wine in Lebanon goes back up to the Phoenicians, traders and humanists who, 4000 years before J-C, commercialized their wines all around Mediterranean Sea. Having planted in the majority in the lowland of Bekaa, grapevines are planted in Cabernet-sauvignon, cinsault, smiled (the local syrah), obaideh (Chardonnay) and merwah (Sauvignon).

Lebanese red wines can turn out to be special. Particularly those of the Castle Musar, a historical wine domain which has never ceased producing quality wines, even during civil war. The assemblage of Cabernet-sauvignon, cinsault and of carignan gives in its wines of the body and tannins. They unfold fantastic fragrances of cedar and spices appraised by the amateurs.

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