About North Island

Extremely south of the island, in the region of Wairarapa, the area of Martinborough is known for the quality of its black pinot which passes for the best of the country thanks to the influence of the mountains which block the rain from am it. The poor, particularly qualitative soil for the grapevine, is rich in gravels and give fine and lively red wines, to intense perfumes of raspberry. They are capable to get old for a long time.

Hawke's Bay:
More in the north, along the peaceful coast, not far from the city of Napier, this zone is one of the most ancient wine regions of the country. The first grapevines were planted from the middle of the XIXth century. His red wines are of style of Bordeaux by their grape varieties (merlot, Cabernet-sauvignon) figured up of syrah and of malbec. They are well brought up for a long time there fûts of oak. The amateurs of white wines of chardonnay distinguished and opulent also appreciate the style of Hawke' s Bay.

Other regions:
In the extreme north of the island, the region of Auckland, close to the capital of the country, produces in most cases red wines of rather chunky style from merlot and Cabernet. On the oriental coast of the island, finally, the region of Gisborne distinguishes itself by its rather opulent chardonnay and by the breed of its gewurztraminer, in intense perfumes of lichee and passe rose.p>

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