About Valais

They cultivate the grapevine since the Romans there. The chasselas grape and the sylvaner are the most planted grape varieties.

The chasselas grape (they also say cracking) is very nice to drink because it is cool, fruity and gives a good persistence in mouth.

Numerous international grape varieties have lesson such the hermitage (marsanne local), the johannisberg (the local sylvaner), the syrah and chardonnay, without forgetting the pagan (savagnin so called place heïda).

But the region prides itself on its collection of local original grape varieties as white or red Humagne, cornalin, amigne (special land in Vetroz), the rèze, the freisamer or the himbertscha.

Last grape variety and not the less interesting: the baby arvine, having searched by the amateurs for her perfumes of white flowers and her small original saline key. It declines of the driest in the most sweet (called on a local level noble grain).

This country also enjoys a feature: that to have the highest grapevines of Europe in more than 1.100 metres in altitude in Visperterminen, not far from Matterhorn. The most part of the grapevines are in pitched terraces called "Tablars". Their job must be done in the hand.

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