About California

Even today, 95 percent of the wine produced in the United States come from California. The vineyard stretches across about 200.000 hectares: the equivalent of one and a half time the surface of the vineyard of Bordeaux!

The Californian vineyard concentrates on six big regions.

North coast
This vast area gathers 4 territories:

Napa valley: The region produces wines of numerous grape varieties but many lands are very advantageous for the red grape variety Cabernet-sauvignon (Rutherford, Stags Leap and in a lesser measure Oakville).

Sonoma :This vast area splits, in most cases, amongst the zones of Sonoma valley, Sonoma Montain, Bennett Valley (interesting merlot) and more in the north, Russian River Valley (chardonnay and pinot black of high quality), Grenn Valley, Chalk Hill, Dry Creek Valley (very good zinfandel), Knights Valley.

Mendocino :Very good zinfandel, riesling and chardonnay.

Carneros : A renowned area for its chardonnay finely sour and which can be of long nurse.

Exchange Coast
Between Los Angeles and San Fransisco, this zone stretches across the area of Paso Robles, in the north, to Santa Barbara, up to the south. Edna, Santa Maria, Arroyo Grande, Santa Rita hills are known for their chardonnay.

Bay Area
This is the area surrounding San Francsico. The north of the territory, towards Livermore, is advantageous for the white sauvignon. The chardonnay finds nice lands in Santa Lucia Highlands and in a lesser measure, in Chalone vineyard.

3 other Californian regions: South Coast, Sierra foothills, Central Valley.

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