About Oregon and Washington State

The State of Oregon became an important wine region only some decades ago.

This zone from the north of California is perfectly suitable for the black pinot especially in its northern party, in the valley of Willamette, where it is supposed that the best vineyards since the end of the eighties are there. His climate reminds on the whole of the Burgundy but several lands were differentiated for them features. These are Dundee Hills, Chehalem Mountains or McMinnville.

In the south of Oregon, less showery and hotter climate can more be compared in the Bordeaux region, in the valleys of Umpqua and Rogue where they produce rather red wines of syrah, merlot and Cabernet-sauvignon.

Big white wines are also produced in Oregon from gewurztraminer, of riesling and from pinot grey.

The State of Washington owes its reputation to its cool chardonnays (AVA Columbia Gorge), in its riesling to the taste of pronounced apricot, in its reds not very tannic red wines of merlot (AVA Wahluke Slope), of syrah (AVA Yakima Valley) and Cabernet-sauvignon (AVA Red Mountain).

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