Absolut Rent Brännvin

  • Category Vodka
  • Country of Origin n.c
  • Manufacturer n.c

Lars Olsson Smith, a Swedish spirits manufacturer and politician, who was called "The King of Spirits" (Brännvinskungen) because of his domination of the of spirits production in Stockholm during the late 1800s. He started the production of Absolut Rent Brännvin which was later renamed Absolut Vodka.

In 1858 he established an agency for a number of distilleries in Skania and Blekinge as well as a modern facility on Reimersholme. The distilleries Smith installed there made him rich by producing spirits with an unusually low fusel value. He was one of the first distillers to employ rectification as a way to clean a spirit. The most well known was the tiodubblat renat [ten times purified]. This ran the communal distilleries out of business and the city of Stockholm tried to hamper his business.

Smith however placed his distillery on Reimersholme, outside the city limits, and sold his products from the Fjäderholm Islands where his Stockholm customers could commute to by boat.

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