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Pajaro Azul Ginebra


Pajaro Azul Ginebra

About Gin

The British descendant of genever, gin is a neutral grain spirit that is predominantly flavoured with junpier berries. It is one of the most famous spirits used in the making of classic cocktails such as the martini, gin fizz, and gin collins.

Produced since the 1600s in Great Britain, there are a number of ways gin can be made.

Compound gin is made by flavouring grain neutral spirit with juniper berries without rectifying the the two ingredients.

Distilled gin is produced by rectifying neutral grain spirit with junpier-flavoured cane sugar.

The most popular style, however, is London dry gin, which is produced by macerating juniper berries along with citrus and botanical elements such as bitter lemon, bitter orange, anise, angelica, orris root, licorice, coriander, cassia, bitter almond, and cardamom. The liquid is then rectified.

Plymouth gin is produced according to a similar method, but does not include the bitter botanicals employed in the making of London dry gin.

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