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Crema Sauza Almendrado


Crema Sauza Almendrado

About Tequila

Tequila was first produced by Spanish settlers around 1531 in the Mexican state of Jalisco. When the Spanish conquistadors ran out of their own brandy, they began to distill the local pulque or octli, a fermented beverage derived from roasted agave, that was considered to be a drink of the gods. The distillate was first called mexcalli.

Around 1600, Don Pedro Sánchez de Tagle, the Marquis of Altamira, established the first commercial production of the spirit and eight years later, the colonial governor of Nueva Galicia had begun to tax Tagle’s spirits.

Eventually named after the Jalisco town where it was born, the style tequila that is popular today was first commercially produced during the early 1800s in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Don Cenobio Sauza, founder of Sauza Tequila and Municipal President of the Village of Tequila from 1884-1885, was the first to export tequila to the United States.

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