Tribute to the Blackthorn
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The Blackthorn

A forgotten classic from the archives of the famed American Bar at London's Savoy Hotel, the Blackthorn was invented by Harry Craddock, the man who put the Savoy on the global cocktail map. Most drinks of this name, and there are a few, contain sloe gin which is made from the fruit of the Blackthorn. But this whiskey concoction gets its rich, smooth character from the marriage of fine irish whiskey, absinthe and vermouth.

Jonathan Rubain

Jonathan Rubain is one of Cape Town's most promising young musicians. Born within a religious family, he grew up listening to the gospel records of his father, a pastor. He played drums at age seven, guitar at age of 9.

One day, he was asked to replace the bass player of the church, and had never looked back since. He had found his instrument.

He has played with most of the prominent jazz and goema players of South Africa. His exuberance, talent and raw charm have made him a local favourite. Together with his band, Jonathan is currently working on his first album.

Nick Strangeway

Nick is a legend on the London and International bar scene. Hailed by Time Out as “London’s leading cocktail expert”, he is the current world Mixologist/Bartender of the Year

In 1998 he became the Bar Manager of Che in London’s St James. This bar would win just about every award under the sun during Nick’s tenure.

In 2006 he opened The Hawksmoor steakhouse and restaurant, which has won many awards for it’s wonderful food and pioneering cocktail list. He is widely acknowledged to have re-discovered the category of drinks called Punche.

Mzoli's Meat

Mzoli's Meat is really just a butchery. But we doubt you've ever seen another one like it. Founded in 2003, it has grown to become one of the most popular hang-out places in Capetown, attracting anyone from local celebraties, township gangsters to tourists within the township of Gugulethu.

At Mzoli's, you buy your own meat (pork chops, lamb filets and sausages) and then have them grilled at a traditional braai (barbecue). The meat is served in a metal tray, which you then take out to the large covered terrace.

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Jonathan Rubain
Jonathan Rubain

Jonathan Rubain is a young musician who combines a winning mix of youthful exuberance, raw talent, charm and integrity.

Jameson Irish Whiskey official website
Jameson Irish Whiskey official website

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Produced by Anna Guddat, Teboho Edkins
Directed by Teboho Edkins
Photography by Ivan Strasbourg
Sound by Simon Rice
We would like to thank Mzoli's Meat for welcoming us, and Jameson for their support.

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