Gebirgler Anton Riemerschmid

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Gebirgler means mountain dweller in German and is the name of this regional liqueur. The brand no longer exists.

The wine distillery, liqueur factory and gentian distillery Anton Riemerschmid was founded in 1835 and belongs to a roster of German liquor companies which are known for their long tradition and great reputation. The management of the company has been in the hands of the family for five generations. Riemerschmid exports to more than 40 countries in the world.

Founder Anton Riemerschmid came from an old Bavarian family. In 1826, he moved to Munich. In 1835, he took over the Royal Bavarian privileged wine spirituous and liqueur factory "Tipp & Vigl" in Herrnstreet, being the only owner. He ran the business under his name and in 1865, he moved the factory to the Prater Island. After his death in 1878, his sons Eduard and Henry took over the business. The oldest son Adolf went to Vienna to take over the subsidiary company founded in Vienna in 1849.

Since 1884, the company had been owned by Eduard Riemerschmid, who successfully ran the business together with his son Carl. Since 1905, Dr. Carl Riemerschmid has been the only owner. In 1911, he asked his oldest son Dr. Robert Riemerschmid to join him in the management of the company. Since 1945, Dr. Robert Riemerschmid and his sons Henry have been partners in the company. Under the management of Robert Riemerschmid the basics of the today's company's runnings were set-up. Henry Riemerschmid successfully fought for the rebuilding of the company after the wars. Since 1962, he runs the company on his own.

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