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Burgondor Ratafia aux Vins de Bourgogne


Burgondor Ratafia aux Vins de Bourgogne

About Apéritif

Apéritifs are traditionally consumed before a meal in order to stimulate the appetite. They usually share the common ingredients of bitter herbs and spices which stimulate the stomach. The most famous apéritif is Campari, but the category includes Picon, Aperol, Dubonnet and Suze.

These apéritif liqueurs are low to medium in strength and are made by macerating botanicals with spirit and or wine and sugar.

Cocktails can be imbibed as apéritifs. So can specific wines and beers. The key factor is that the drink is very dry, to whet the apetite. The word "apéritif" comes from the Latin term "aperire" which means "to open".

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