Wiser's Red Letter

  • Category Whiskey / Irish
  • Country of Origin n.c
  • Manufacturer n.c

Created for Wiser's loyalists and spirit connoisseurs alike, Wisers Red Letter Whisky has been finished for 150 days in virgin white oak casks. The whisky has a higher strength of 45% alcohol by volume and is not chill filtered; this creates a very rewarding, full-flavours and authentic tasting experience. The luxurious colour you see is stricctly a product of the oak casks. Nothing has been added, and nothing taken away. Only 6,000 bottles of this exclusive whisky have been produced, and each bottle is individually numbered and hand signed by Wisers Master Blander David Doyle.

If you have any further information on this particular product,please email Anistatia Miller at anistatia.miller@euvs.org.

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