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Aberlour - Glenlivet - 12 year old


Aberlour - Glenlivet - 12 year old

About Irish

The majority Irish whiskeys are triple distilled in column stills or Coffey stills, producing a lighter character than Scotch whisky. When Irish whiskey was first produced during the 14th century, however, it was distilled in pot stills. The change took place when an Irish tax agent Aeneas Coffey working in Dublin improved the design of a continuous still patented by Robert Stein and introduced its use in his own distillery.

By law, Irish whiskey must be produced in Ireland and aged in wooden casks for a minimum of 3 years. Unlike Scotch whisky, unpeated malt is mashed with the exception of Connemara Peated Malt whiskey.

There are four types of Irish whiskey: single malt, single grain, blended whiskey, and pure pot still whiskey, which is unique to Ireland and made from a blend of malted and unmalted barley that is distilled in a copper pot still.

Two of the most famous brands of Irish whiskey are Jameson and Bushmills.

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