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Chateau Milhiere Eau-de-Vie de Marc


Chateau Milhiere Eau-de-Vie de Marc

About Marc

Marc or eau-de-vie de marc is a spirit distilled from the pomace that remains when the grapes are pressed and the juice runs off. Distilled at a high ABV, marc has a very distinctive character when it is well-aged. In Italy, this spirit is called grappa.

The best known marcs are produced in Burgundy, possessing a lighter character because they are made from white grapes.

The most expensive marc is the Marc des Hospices de Beaune. The lightest, with the greatest finesse, is produced in Champagne.

There are also excellent marcs produced in Romanée-Conti, Musigny, Chambertin, Muits Saint-Georges, Mersault, Montrachet, and Auvergne.

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