About Syrup

Syrup is a thick, viscous liquid that contains large quantities of sugar. Sometimes additional flavourings are cooked with the sugar and reduced to syrup consistency such as pomegranate or grenadine, raspberry or cherry. Agave syrup is made from the blue weber agave plant that is also used to make tequila. Corn syrup is produced from mashed and filtered corn (maize) kernels.

Many cocktail recipes call for the use of gomme syrup, simple syrup, or cane syrup to sweet the drink. Easier to dissolve than granulated sugar, syrup provide the ideal mouthfeel in the final presentation.

Popular in France and the Caribbean during the 20th century, Ti Punch or Petit Punch combines rhum agricole with pure sugarcane syrup. Because of high demand, many rhum producers also manfactured sirop de canne or cane syrup to be used with their particular brand.

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