“This exhibition is not temporary,
it is permanent, it is eternal, it is ever-growing…” Paul Ricard
Exposition Universelle des Vins et Spiritueux entrance

From Bendor archives

Nul bien sans peine

Here is an excerpt from the movie directed by Paul Ricard on Bendor Island wherelegendary actor Fernandel discusses the purpose of EUVS

In 1958, Paul Ricard built a tribute to the industry that had helped him realize his dreams. On 12 July, Paul Ricard and a group of his esteemed colleagues presided over the opening of Exposition Universelle des Vins et Spiritueux.

In the 50 years of its existence, EUVS has amassed a collection of 8,000 bottles of wine and spirits from the four corners of the globe along with crystal, glassware, labels, restaurant menus and drink lists dating as far back as the 1860s. The collection provides a rare glimpse into the evolution of brands, categories, and drinks over the centuries. And over the decade, it has become the host for many wine and spirits symposiums over the decades.

Under the direction of spirits and cocktail historians Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown, Paul Ricard’s “permanent encyclopaedia” of wines and spirits has entered a new era in 2007. The directors gathered a team of experts and volunteers from Europe and the United States, to execute the many phases of museum conservation, including cleaning and repair, historical research and documentation.

Their work allowed the recent discovery of more than 5000 wine and spirits labels from around the world as well as more than 1000 menus and drinks lists dating back to 1860 to 1960. They also discovered scholarly papers on viniculture and distillation, which were presented at the EUVS during 1960s: just before technological advancements in production revolutionized wine and spirits industry.

According to its revitalized mission to provide an in-depth, historical resource for industry research and consumer education, the EUVS has created a free online library that includes the world’s largest database of rare bottles and searchable library of vintage menus, drinks lists, distillation books, and cocktail books.

EUVS also offers informational assistance to on-premise and to spirits and cocktail press around the world.

Not just a collection of items, EUVS is one of a kind, presenting a comprehensive vision of the wine and spirits industry and its influence on culture both yesterday and today.

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EUVS reminds you that alcohol might be hazardous to your health. Please drink responsibly.